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Linux: Segmentation Fault

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Or 'gdb fs2_open_<version>' then press 'r' and then 'bt' when it segfaults.
If you don't see references to cpp file names and line numbers, you may need to re compile a debug version

With the mention of the intel graphics set, I decided to try to run on my actual desktop (I was compiling and testing on my laptop). Everything seems to be working fine. Thanks, I think I'm set.

I know this hasn't been posted to in some time. However, I have a contribution to make. I am getting this same crash when compiling from source on linux right after the mainhall loads. -no_glsl did nothing, but -no_pbo fixed it. This was with no mod loaded, not even the media vps. Got an i915gm here and I'm also using the open source driver for it, which the console reports that it fails to load.

Is there a closed source intel video driver somewhere that works better than the MesaGL drivers?

These days Intel on Linux is the open source Mesa driver for all intents. There isn't a separate proprietary one.

That said, would you be interested in helping me debug why it is crashing on Mesa's Intel i915?

Is this the same mesa crash we've been discussing in #scp?  Is the -no_pbo fixing the crash a new development then?


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