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Linux: Segmentation Fault

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Phantom Hoover:
He's joking, he has nothing to do with the code. Anyway, I can say with pretty great confidence that this isn't a code problem, it's something out of place in your build environment. Tracking that down is the priority here.

Ok, I've got the compilation issue fixed.

Adding the below to the fixes it:

--- Code: ---AC_PROG_RANLIB=`which ranlib`

--- End code ---

However, with the latest trunk I still get the segfault at the same point. Though I'm a bit confused as the latest trunk reports itself as version 3.7.1.

I've got a couple of suggestions:

1) To build the latest trunk, make sure you have "libtool" installed.  I changed the recently to use libtool based on an IRC request where someone wanted do ... um... something (can't remember the details) with LTO builds. Anyway, this suggests that the F19 package name is just libtool (I don't have a Fedora box handy to check though).  If that doesn't work; try reverting SVN commit r11072 and see if that works.

(although I see from your latest post that you've found a different workaround)

2) Regarding the original crash, I note that you're using the OpenSource Intel driver.  Unfortunately FSO support for these isn't the best. You could try adding one of these commandline options to see if they'll let FSO run correctly.

-disable_pbo (this was added to workaround a specific i965 (IIRC) driver issue)
-no_glsl (disables shaders and reverts to the OGL ~1.2 fixed function render pipeline)


--- Quote from: Jernix on September 19, 2014, 10:20:46 pm ---Though I'm a bit confused as the latest trunk reports itself as version 3.7.1.

--- End quote ---
"3.7.1" means "any trunk build between 3.7.0 Final and 3.7.2 Final". Since 3.7.2 is still in the "Release Candidate" stage, trunk is still 3.7.1; after 3.7.2 Final gets released, trunk will become "3.7.3" until 3.7.4 Final gets released.

You could install valgrind and run valgrind ./fs2_open_<version> to get more information on the segfault.


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