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Using SSE based data structures

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Seconding the suggestion to use a third party math library, if we change ours, rather than hand rolling.

That said, perhaps you could write unit tests using our brand new unit test harness for the existing 3D math and then validate your refactor for the SSE instructions. This should assist in proving correctness of that component, if the test coverage is sufficient

Phantom Hoover:
I've just checked, by the way, and the only places where SSE vector instructions ('addps' and friends) are emitted are in libcode.a and nanovg.


--- Quote from: Kobrar44 on August 14, 2016, 03:35:21 pm ---The models are loaded into a buffer. Straightup. Byte after byte, pof model files are copied over. This is really bad actually. Why?

Well, to have models we need vertices and to have vertices we need vectors. in POF the vectors are I believe setup like this: xyzxyzxyzxyz etc. FSO knows where in the file is the first vector because it knows the file structure, and knows how many vectors there are, so it just saves all the pointers to the vectors from the buffer in an array. So this would be the first place where things **** up.
--- End quote ---

So you'll need to create a buffer with the correct sized vectors and then copy/move the smaller vectors into them. Not difficult at all, but it will take a bit of processor time to form the buffer/cache.


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