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Getting number of players in game

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I'm doing it that way because a part of the script runs on frame and it must check for certain values on ships that belong to some classes. And as i don't want to sexp this in every mission i made a script (i'm not very good at scripting but i'm learning from other's work)

I understand that. But even given that you are using scripts to call SEXPs. I still think there is an easier way to do this.

As i said i'm not really skilled for efficient scripting would you mind taking a look at the script if i post it here to see how i may do this in a better way?

I'm not skilled at scripting at all. But I was right that there is an easier solution. What's wrong with calling the num-players SEXP from your script?

Well indeed it's my fault because in fact I mislabeled the topic: the question was rather how can I determine if a ship currently in mission is a player ship or an ai ship during a MP game (and not just getting the number of players)

Edit: in fact my initial problem was to find a way to transmit variables between the players through the network until i realized that i could use mission sexp variables ^^


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