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Getting number of players in game

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Ok so if i use ba.getCurrentPlayer () to get a name i will have the callsign rather than the ship name? (I mean the player's name not the name of his ship if in-game)

Yes, you need to use hv.Player for that but the player may not always be a ship handle (especially not if you are in multiplayer) so you need to make sure that hv.Player:getBreedName() returns "Ship" before using the handle like a ship.

Yes i'm using this currently but still i've not found the cause of the crash.
The script was not causing a crash before but was not working for clients and now that i've added the sexp variables tracking to get a way to handle multiple players something is causing a mess with players other than the host it's weird ^^
Guess i won't use this during my lan games probably...


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