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Free cyberpunk pack


Colonol Dekker:
I felt this an appropriate board to drop this on...

Worth 50 dollarpounds, no reason not to get, could make a nice backdrop for some fighters parked up Akira style/cowboy bebop?

Apologies for rushed post, currently at motorway services taking a refuel stop.

[attachment eaten by a Shivan]

Good find! Thanks for letting us know.
As a bonus, no credit card details required. Just name, email and posting address.

Colonol Dekker:
Anytime bud :yes:
Worth chucking on the junk Gmail account 😁

So it just costs an email address? I'll surely have to grab a copy then~

Colonol Dekker:
Not just that,  there's a competition open to anyone using the assets to produce an image/art to win more assets.  Not sure of the exact entry requirements but *shrugs*


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