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The Galatea changed everything.

Before the war, the loss of an Orion was considered a terrifying defeat.  Terran power and their very existence as a species seemed to hinge upon their immense frames.  At two kilometres long, an Orion in a non-geosync orbit could be seen from the ground.  For the millions that lived in space based installations, their dark metal shadow represented stability and the guardian of the bright future of Earth.  When the Galatea was torn to shreds by the Lucifer's hellish artillery, the GTA populace suddenly and sharply became aware of how feeble even the greatest of material science could be as a source of inspiration.  It had taken a fierce propaganda effort to silence her loss.  Her wings were remembered as martyrs, her crew as heroes and her final battle as a last stand against overwhelming odds.

No one wanted the horrifying truth of the Galatea's annihilation at the hands of the Shivans to ever settle in the consciousness of its people.  Guncam footage and the accounts of her survivors were classified to the highest degree possible.  In a way, it was almost fortunate that the destruction of the Lucifer had diverted the attention of the Lost Generation so completely away from just how close they came to utter annihilation.  Reports from Vasuda Prime had been scarce.  The GTVA had yet to be formalised and the only real co-operation between the two governments was through the military.  Only years after the event did the GTA's fledgling interstellar paparazi finally air the footage taken from the orbital platforms moments before the Lucifer's main beam cannons began their thirteen hour bombardment.

The Vasudans never looked back home for inspiration.  As the humans reeled from the loss of Earth, the Vasudans took to the stars and made the void their own.  Their militaries began to trade tech.  The first beam cannons came to fruition in a Vasudan lab using Terran research staff.  The first Sobek class corvette used blended materials science derived from the remarkable Reinstrom Institute, the first truly great interstellar physics research institution.  The Vasudan penchant for reactor technology merged with Terran materials science and advanced weapons tech.  Piece by piece, the GTVA became a force that in the eyes of its populace, could contain and defeat the threat that had all but wiped them out years before.  They became confidence.  They became safety.

So, this brings me to myself.

I was but a young child when the first rumours of dark ships and hellish weapons came leaking from the Net in Beta Aquilae.  The public had long lost interest in the slowly burning war between ourselves and the Vasudan people.  It had become a fact of life.  The military were disinterested enough to barely even consider the prospect of censorship on public debating regarding an inevitable settlement.

When the first news casts began to discuss it live on air, their response was a series of tepid Captains and Colonels who explained such drab military details as deployment schedules and potential Vasudan atrocities.  As ever, they were fought tooth and nail by the usual skeptics, rationalists and demagogues who drown the gory details of war with reason, skewering the concept with remarks regarding the cost per anti-matter bomb and better uses of the funding.

What was remarkable as that they were correct, of course.   Slow burning wars quickly burn money.  If there was a threat, it had passed a long time ago  Vasudans viewed the war with as much disdain as did our populace.  The scientific establishment on both sides had already begun to unify their work despite fruitless threats by both governments.  It was no more a state of war than a state of terminal engagement.  The political and academic debate had already been settled.  Fringe elements of both powers had begun to trade.  Corporations in particular were keen to cease all conflict as soon as possible and expand into the other political association.

We may not have had the GTVA, but we would certainly have had something.  Maybe even something better.

So you will understand, dear reader, that the rumours of alien contact seemed far fetched at best.  The militaries of both powers had been slowly exhausted throughout the years and would have settled for any excuse to end what was ultimately a fruitless conflict.  It was only when Ross 128 went dark that we realised how wrong we were.

For fourteen years, the propaganda machine of the Galactic Terran Alliance had tried in vain to make a proud, philosophical people the enemy.  Some had believed it and they signed up to the military with glee, but most others had not.  Both sides lost most of their skirmishing elements in Ross 128 and Ikeya even before the Shivans had fully committed to an offensive.  The public were slow to respond.  My Vasudan pilots confirm that their own public were similarly skeptical, though their public debate was coloured by a prior knowledge of the Shivans through the discovery of ruins of the civilisation we have cunningly named The Ancients.

For those of you fortunate enough never to encounter a Shivan, you may only have knowledge of them from stories passed down by friends and family or what scant information you can derive from the Net.

When the Shivans attacked, both the Terrans and the Vasudans realised that their understanding and knowledge of war was influenced by an understanding of a fundamental morality behind the action.  Those tribes and groups foolish enough to consider genocide a viable tactic had been roundly condemned and thoroughly annihilated in return, for the preservation of the species.

This held throughout history, until the Shivans arrived.  Never before had we encountered an enemy so virulent, so singleminded and so sociopathic.  The Shivans waged war by their very nature.  How foolish are we to consider ourselves the masters of war compared to such creatures.  They did not care for conquering worlds or landing troops.  They did not care about territory other than to occupy it and sweep it clean.  They waged total war in a manner that no species reliant on reproducing could ever hope to match.

This mere fact alone leads me to believe one of two terrifying conclusions.  Either the Shivans do not have children, or the Shivans are more vast and more expansive and aggressive than any strategist has openly stated they have considered.  I believe I am far from alone in this conclusion.

We won the Great War.  It was far from a decisive victory but it was enough.  It bought us thirty years of peace.  We rebuilt without our blue planet and we stabilised and began to explore once again, bolstered by powerful new technology, new tactics, new strategies.  How foolish do I look, writing those words.  We should have learned from the first time.  We did not.  We went into the cosmos and we were burned, once again.  We barely saved ourselves from utter extinction and lost seventy eight million people in the process.

What made the Second Incursion so much worse than the first was the civilians.

The evacuation of Capella had come soon, but not soon enough.  As they poured through the node, the civilians brought stories with them.  Not the stories of what might have been or what could have been as had existed in the Great War, but documentary evidence.  They came with tales of heroic pilots dooming themselves against vast Shivan hordes.  They spoke in hushed, terrified tones of the destruction of the Colossus, once feted as the end solution to all war.   They passed by dead cruisers and corvettes, through debris clouds.  They witnessed flak and beam fire up close.  They saw the shadow of the Sathani, the oscillating subspace field and the vibration of Capella's outer layers as it turned the star they once called home into a traitor.

The one image that stood out above all else was surprisingly deceptive, however.  It defined how the public saw the war.

One civilian contractor piloting a small Elysium captured the moment a Deimos class corvette was torn apart by a lance of Shivan beam fire.  Though the footage has been analysed frame by frame by network journalists, experts and columnists alike, it painted an unmistakable picture.  The Shivans were death incarnate.  It was even possible to see the photon discharges of flash vapourising GTVA officers within the decks of the ignited corvette.

Fear spread like a cancer throughout the populace.  The GTVA had been founded on a military pact and the military industrial complex behind it.  It owed its very existence to the Shivan threat.  Now, with less than a third of its fleet remaining intact and half of them in dry dock undergoing desperate repair efforts, the GTVA's power base upon which it had relied so much as broken.

Politics flared on both sides of the divide.  Old hatreds reignited amongst conservatives who remembered the war with the Vasudans with hatred and derision.  How dare the GTA (they pointedly referred to it as such) gamble the lives of humans in an unproven alliance with the old enemy?  Cultural liberals took hold of a chance to finally attack the military industrial complex they despised while venting bile at the "bigoted Neo-Terrans".  The loss of so much military power resulted in a greatly reduced interstellar patrol fleet.  Crime spread with the fear in great waves.  Whole settlements went dark as wide spread looting cut power to communications.

There was no sense of heroism or of relief.  To the estranged people of Mother Earth, they were living on borrowed time.  Nihilism took hold in culture.  Food riots on starved stations wracked by piracy resulted in over a million deaths in under two months as organised saboteurs vented entire habitats into space.  Their perpetrators were old world religious fanatics who saw the Shivans as the agents of the apocalypse, and saw to hasten their return through ritual blood letting into the stars.

The change was more subtle amongst Vasudans.  The Vasudan parliament found itself under both cultural and political siege - how had the Vasudan Imperium changed in thirty years?  Was the GTVA truly worth the loss of autonomy?  A people drowning in artists and philosophers had lost its spirit.  It had become savage warriors as befit a universe dripping with blood.  Was this their fate?  Were they to forever avenge their fallen homeworld, only to die defending a graveyard?  Vasuda, they argued, had died with the planet that bore their name.

Either way, the GTVA response was sluggish at best.  Unlike the Great War, both the GTA and the PVN had born virtually equal losses fighting a defensive war in a nebula.  While their economies remained intact, their ability to project power had diminished almost to nothing.  Worse still, agitator members of the NTF still lurked in the shadows and when the first Vasudan settlement disappeared beneath a mushroom cloud, a new war loomed which the GTVA was ill prepared for.  Out of every hole poured the opportunists and vultures that pick clean all battlefields.  Pirates, mercenaries and criminals emerged from long held boltholes and struck civilian and megacorp stations in every system.  Vasudan piracy, almost unheard of prior to the Great War, became common place as civilian stations commandeered what few military grade transports they could and set about raiding nearby stations for food and water.

The greatest military alliance in the history of either species balanced on a knife edge.  With threat boards lighting up red across Terran-Vasudan space, a coherent response was needed and quickly.

There are no more chances.  The GTVA made a decision.  Their theorists suggested that simple logistics put an absolute limit on the territory the GTVA could be willing to defend whilst nodes remained uncharted, unsimulated and unsecured.  The GTVA put up walls and hid behind them.  They succeeded there by abandoning here.  I couldn't do it with them.  I resigned, and now I am out here.

For as long as humans and Vasudans have lived, there have been those that dwell on the cliff above the precipice.  Someone, somewhere has to look after them.  That is my duty and that is what I will die doing.  In my pilot days I blew Shivans out of the heavens in the hope of preventing the apocalypse.  Now I leave that duty to others.  The GTVA has abandoned these people.  I will not.

The Shoals

"This won't work."
"Of course it will."
"You can't just swap the parts in from an old Valk and expect the Apollo's regulators to cope.  The Valk was a bloody interceptor, man."

To say Waters was exasperated was to direly understate the withering stare he directed upon the wayward jock.  "You do know what an interceptor is, right?"  A heavy wrench wrought a harsh note from the steel of the old fighter.  It echoed through the cavernous hangar.

Alex folded his arms, the dull fabric of his flight suit creasing in the dim overhead lights.  "I'm familiar."

"The Apollo's an old bird.  A good one, yeah, but her fusion drives weren't cooled like the Valks were."  Waters jabbed an accusing finger at a black tagged pipe within the bowels of the machine.  "I'll give you the events as they happen.  You start her up, everything's fine, get out into space, go for a burn."

The wrench slammed down again for emphasis.  "Then you burn.  Boom.  Explosion.  Lots of blood and guts all over space and I will be annoyed because you blew up my goddamn fighter."

"Right and what if you're wrong and I get an extra 20% out of the burn because of the uprated unit?"
"Oh yeah, you will.  That corpse of yours will be extra crispy."

Breathing a sigh of frustration, Alex eyed the craggy engineer.  To give the man his due, he was rarely wrong on this matters.  "So what the hell do I do with it then?  We don't HAVE a Valk to jam it into."

"That's your problem, sunshine," came the gruff reply, "not mine.  Fine me one of those corp birds that are based on the old biddy and I'll jam this into her socket with gladness.  It just ain't going in an Apollo."

"You're an awkward git when you want to be."
"You're an idiot every day of the week.  Sufficed to say, I suffer more."

* * *

"Another station went dark this week.  Wednesday, 21:35 hours."
"Which one?"
"Eldan Combine?"
"Yes.  One of their bio domes."

The Commander scratched his stubble.  The Shetland's CIC was an old, battle worn place at the best of times, but it never seemed more so than when her fusion drives were down.  Emergency lighting cast a dull, red glow upon the wrought steel and carbon fibre workdesks, accentuating every pit and scar the warship had earned through her years of service.  The only counter balance was the green and blue light of the tactical display, hanging in the air portraying a holographic mockery of Orkney stations' fortunes.

"Strike it off.  That is three in the last month."  His dry lips pursed.  "Have we any recent communiques regarding their situation?"
"No, Sir."
"This is concerning."

Renard leaned back from the tactical display, rising to his full height.  He'd never been the stoutest of men even in his years of military service and twenty years on the frontier had done nothing for his complexion.  However, at six foot two, he still had a presence.  His second had it too, though sometimes she was unaware of it.  He also knew her too well.

Alexandra Larel was not a tall woman but she'd have fit neatly into the GTVA's ranks with nary a whimper of male protest.  Five foot two of sharp features and shorn blonde hair returned his look with one of her one - one he'd seen in many officers during his career.  It was a practiced one.  She had something to say.

"You've been my XO for fifteen years, Ally," he said.  "Speak your mind."
"I have no evidence of it, but I think this is a campaign."

He arched a brow.  "Indeed?"

"Yes."  Larel started forward and reached into the hologram.  The plane of the system shifted and with a few gestures, a handful of icons rose to the foreground, blinking.  "I have been keeping my ears close to the ground - as you suggested, Commander."
"Good to know an old man's advice is still taken."
"Sir.  A lot of these attacks have been written off as pirate attacks - that's the rumour, anyway.  The assaults appear random at first inspection, but their timing is deliberately intended to coincide with periodic food shipments to five major Oort conglomerates and two inner system syndicates."

The Commander's brow creased.  "The profile of the attacks suggests massed fighter assaults.  No real firepower to suggest a sustained campaign."

"Sir," she said automatically, "except that certain allied stations have gone dark which my tactical analysis suggests could not have been accomplished without major tactical, bomber or capital ship support.  Pirates cannot sortie cruiser class vessels on a fancy, Sir."
"Some can."
"Not against such a varied range of targets, Sir."
"Hrm.  So assuming this campaign continues, what do you believe the end goal is?"
"To cut off food supplies to most of the Oort cloud and begin a containment or elimination operation."

"That's all very well," he said, scratching his chin, "but give me a prediction, Ally.  Where next?"
"Well, Sir, most probably Highfavour Station."
"That'd be ambitious.  The Combine's headquarters."
"Yes Sir."
"If they go dark, how long do our food supplies last?"
"Twelve days, Sir."

"Then," he said with finality, "we have a problem."

* * *

"So what are you thinking?"
"Nothin'.  You?"
"I just caught you staring."
"An' so?"
"I thought you were lost in thought."
"That weren't what I were doin' though were it."
"No, you were staring."

They stood as a pair, watching the distant boulders of the Oort cloud hang in the heavens.  Starlight rept across the dark metallic grit and grime that had caked their world for so long.

"Sometimes I wonder if I will ever see home again."  Her ragged jumpsuit, fraying at the creases, curled delicately beneath her folded arms.
"Gone, innit?" came the curt reply.
That earned the man a Look.  "I don't mean Capella."

He grunted.  "So what do yer mean then?"

"Somewhere solid?"  She shrugged.  "I don't know.  Somewhere I can put my feet down and feel earth?"
"Deckplate's solid enough f'me."

"You've got feet like hooves."  She smiled faintly.  "You would never understand the difference."

He shrugged and scratched at his ragged beard.  "Dunno.  Never belonged anywhere, me.  Jus' here.  Good people.  Good food.  Good booze.  Loads to do."

The woman paused, contemplating a stray fibre hanging off the sleeve of her jumpsuit.  She made it dance with a fingertip.  "You never feel trapped out here?  The rest of civilisation wrote us off years ago."

A long moment later, the woman breathed a sigh.  "Sometimes I envy you, Darell."

The old, crooked lips curled.  "Yeah, see love, that's somethin' to feel crap about."

* * *

"So.  Lay it on the table for me."
"Thought I already had."
"Apparently not.  So?"
"Its all on that bloody report you expect from me.  Takes wrench time out of my day."
"You have plenty of it."
"Don't I ****ing know it.  You any idea how much bloody effort it takes to keep this archaic crap online?  I stripped out fifteen metres of crapped up duct sheathing just yesterday."

She folds her arms.  Unlike the others, she has a stare.  The engineer knows it.  He turns away from his console and tries to meet it.



"...oh for ****s sake.  Don't give me that Tev Soldier crap.  Look, my boys and girls do good work but we aren't working miracles down here.  We do what we can with what we got and what we don't got is replacement parts."
"What do you need?"
"List is bloody endless.  I got half the systems on Orkney crapping out on us and you're expecting me to keep a prototype cruiser in one piece on top of all that."
"The Old Man wants his beam weaponry back."
"You still got the port and starboard flankers, right?"
"At half yield, yes."
"Unless you can get me a replacement WTR-74, that's all she got-"
"It's in the hangar."
"-and thos- wait what?"
"Bay 6."
" what the hell was this all about?  When the hell did we get hold of one of those?"
"I read your reports."
" what the **** are you doing down here?  You could have just said."

She smiles.

"You work best when you are annoyed.  Make the Shetland's main beam your priority."
"...I ****ing hate you."
"I'll see you in the mess."

Classified Level Rho

Presentation:  GTVA Security Council Central Chamber
September 18th, 2369
Distributed Warfare And The Concerted Response
Fleet Adm. R Petrarch


Thirty four years ago, we defeated the Shivan armada which presented an existential threat to our home systems.  This victory came at a materiel cost but the effect upon the stability of the GTVA has been lasting.  Our holding action in the Capella system was a success in so far as we managed to cut off an overwhelming military incursion with relatively minimal losses compared to the scale of the aggressor.  However, as the members of this Council are no doubt aware, this opinion is not widely shared.  We lost the bulk of our fleet defending Gamma Draconis and Capella including the Colossus.  These materiel losses have had a documented effect upon GTVA civilian morale.

Our fleet strength stands at 27% of its pre rebellion readiness with the loss of the Psamtik and the Colossus particularly notable.  Our corvette and cruiser fleet assets have diminished significantly in number and the damage inflicted on the Vega yards in the recent bombings have resulted in both a backlog of repairs and an inability to project power over wide areas of GTVA space.  At present, GTVI considers 79% of our territory to have ceded to locally vested interests.  While these vested interests are limited in scope and power, they provide a logistical difficulty in that they are both wide spread and have control over local supply lines.  In a number of theaters (CASE REPORTS ATTACHED) NTF squadrons have begun to act as local mercenaries and represent an effective deterrent and challenge to any small scale incursion our forces can present.

GTVI Numerical Operations have determined that without an effective solution to this logistical dilemma, the GTVA will effectively cease to exist within thirty six months.  Further, our chances of successfully resisting a third Shivan incursion should this occur become vanishingly small.  The situation is clear.  We must return our political, economic and military control to contested theaters while simultaneously exacting a solution to future Shivan incursions.  To do otherwise would be to doom both of our races to extinction.

To this end, we present a feasible solution to this dilemma:  The Distributed Warfare Protocol.


* * *

CLASSIFIED LEVEL RHO:  Unauthorised access punishable under the GTVA Security Act, Deneb Convention:  Section 21-3-5

Structural And Materials Analysis on Shivan Beam Cannon System Noting Heuristic Patterns and Crystalline Indices
Nature 2368-Vol 34-2324(124) - REDACTED
P Malgan, S Alan, L Anubisan (Institute of Plasma Research, Vega III Research Outpost Omega)

Abstract:  We subjected a captured, inactive Shivan large scale materiel plasma beam acceleration weapon to heuristic analysis.  The general structure of the material surrounding the weapon mount is probed using neutron analysis and a QF3D  QED plasma wakefield beam acceleration system with high energy electrons.  The mechanical and material structures of the weapons system are found to be uniform to an extent never before seen on a large scale construction effort with magnetic domains aligned down to the atomic level with little loss in domain energy.  Subspace domain probing efforts suggest large scale energy conservation violation occurs in unusual crystalline circuits with no known superconductive properties.  No method of projecting of magnetic field without entropy loss of stochastic plasma particle selection is found.   Unusual responses found to energetic excitation.


* * *


*****, GTVI Security Branch

SIGHTING UNCONFIRM:  SHV FGT, vol. 34-30-40-37.  Src:  civ contractor (DETAILS ATTACHED).  Second hand.  No vis.
Be advised.  GTVI-CLAUSE 37 in effect.  Investigate.


CO, GTD Impervious


Received this from GTVI Sec at 2340 yesterday (FWD).  Unconfirmed sighting beyond the Petrarch.  Seven systems distant.  Should be a hop skip for the Roma.

Probably another false alarm but GTVI has had odd reports coming out of that sector for a while.  While you're there, try and calm the locals.  If it's Etos again, don't be afraid to step in.  Deal with them or whoever is antagonising them as you see fit.

Fleet will remain at condition two.  Report back every twelve solar hours.  You have full theatre command until relieved.  Operate under GTVI Clause 37 - you have legal control of local law enforcement.  Direct them as you see fit.

We will be convening for the annual CXO dinner at 1600 on the fifteenth.  Try to get back by then.

Good hunting,



CO, GTCv Roma

Will do my best, Sir.


CO, GTCv Roma

Sir, finally got a proper answer out of them.  False positive.  Turned out as Etos combat drone gone awry.

Be advised of similar reports from other CorpSec AOOs.  Their MK 3 Static Defence Drone has recent aesthetic changes that confuses civvy tracking - looks like a Dragon from 25 klicks out.

Doesn't help they don't broadcast IFFs in the clear too.  Apparently its 'corporate policy'.  Told them to stop spoofing IFFs and to broadcast in the clear when operating the damn things.

They probably won't.  Will make best speed back for the fifteenth.  Keep my seat warm.


Because why aftermath of Capella is often so noexisting in mods? Capella was literally a hell. Something that will leave a dire scar on terran and vasudan societies. Something I call The Capella Trauma and wanted to introduce in some mod, but never had an opportunity.

Potenial post-capella generation is gonna be generation of extremes. Radicals who want strong military and authoritarian government hoping them to protect common folk from cosmic destroyers, nihilists who believe that we're inevitably doomed waiting for the Shivans to re-emerge and finish what they started and finally, the conservatists - vasudans seeking serenity in ancient wisdom of sages and live like their predecessors used to, hoping to appease the angry cosmos, and terrans who desire nothing then safe harbour on their long-lost blue planet.

After everything we've seen in FS2, GTVA would be like "How the **** are we supposed to confront enemy like this?!".

And this thing fulfills this assumption well :yes: . Post-Capella is likely to be dark time of instability and immense social changes. Something that's worthy a campaign telling a story about it.

Etos Industries Celebrates Bumper New Year But Experts Warn of Malingering

Etos Industries released its 2387 first quarter results to considerable fanfare after years of lackluster performance.  Net sales have increased to GCD 1.3 trillion (+17.2% on Q1 2386) with profits increasing by 8.4% to GCD 97 billion.  This is a recent up turn for Etos Industries, which for the last thirteen quarters has been a consistently average prospect for investors and potential business partners alike.

A little history is required for those of you more rooted in Core Zone prospects.  Etos Industries was founded in 2371 as a merger between two Altair-based mining magnates.  As with most corporations founded during that time, little state funding was available due to the pressures of the recession and the Disillusionment.  To paraphrase local business news, they grew "parasitically but organically", taking over weaker rivals and growing larger without any significant industrial oversight.  They were named the Treasury 2374 "Prospect To Watch" and this trend continued year on year until 2378 - the year the GTVA formalized the Petrarch Doctrine.

Etos Industries underwent a shift in strategy during those years.  As old investments grew under the new GTVA climate, Etos was one of the first adopters of the notion of Red Dipping - GTVA registered corporations investing in infrastructure beyond the Blue Zones.  The Red Zones experienced large scale migration in both directions during those years and Etos was able to confirm its presence in a number of systems.  This strategy paid dividends until recent years saw a downturn in those markets.  Market analysts believe this is due to the manner in which native Red Zone organizations have begun to organize - often forming co-operatives and alliances of their own which are able to compete for and control local resources.

So why the sudden change in profitability?

There are a few reasons that present themselves.  First is Etos' own proclamations.  Their recently appointed CEO, Ms Lynda Barker states "Our financial results are the result of a long underway and extensive re-branding and slimming strategy, focusing chiefly on our core competencies and extending our reach to new markets.  We are proud to be at the fore front of industry beyond the Petrarch Nodes and are committed to our long term strategy of developing undeveloped systems."

Etos amongst a number of Red Dippers have become more aggressive in the way they deal with privateers.  Red Zone founded corporations are not afforded full GTVA business protection clauses and are invariably unfavoured compared to Core or Blue Zone organizations.  This strategy is commonly known as Dip Padding, which means upping your profit margins through squeezing independent contractors and aggressively pursuing debt.

More concerning to potential investors is the rumours concerning possible Red Zone connections with the Wayward Sons of Capella, a well known and established paramilitary syndicate.  Etos denies these rumours in the strongest possible terms, stating that their official company policy "is to rigorously investigate all connections with Blacklisted organizations and report them to the central regulator".  This has done little to reassure sentient rights campaign groups who claim to have evidence of active collusion with criminal elements in at least three systems.

The recent acquisition of a number of smaller competitors in a variety of markets joins the complete change of staff in the boardroom.  Recent CEO Ausar Bastbadru was ousted after overseeing the final years of poor financial results.  While he could not be reached for comment, the Vasudan CEO was pivotal to a softening of a number of Etos policies relating to social inclusion and was popular in those communities within which Etos operated.  Perhaps it is indicative of the more aggresive approach they intend to take with their business strategy that they oust a well loved CEO in favour of a younger and if rumours are to be trusted, far more fiery CEO.

Watch this space.


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