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"Operation: Fearless" a Freespace Story - Chapter 1

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Trivial Psychic:
Both parts of Chapter 3 are now up, and after formatting for Chapter 4, it seems that its more than DOUBLE the length of the first two chapters, so it too will need to be split.

Mito [PL]:
I've read through the six currently available chapters this evening and honestly, this is really good. There are of course some imperfections here and there but in general the story is solid, characters are believeable and the action is fluid. I see it getting better and better over the chapters, and I'm honestly hyped for more.

Trivial Psychic:
Thank you.  I wrote this years ago and it ended up stalling during Chapter nine, but once I started posting it I got some momentum together and have begun more writing.  I had been doing some non-Freespace writing over the past year and decided to take a break from that for a while, prompting me to take a look at this again.  I'm currently in the middle of writing Chapter ten, but none of it has the polish the rest of it does, so it won't be ready for posting yet.


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