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Has anyone tried running FS2 on a large TV?

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Contemplating building a small/cheap PC to run a few older nostalgic games/emulators on my TV. The one game that I have really been wanting to replay is FS2 with all the aesthetic mods installed. Has anyone ran this game on a larger (60") TV? If so, how did it look? I'm worried about the aspect ratio and graphics not translating that well on larger modern TV screen given the age of the game. Any experience would be greatly appreciated!

I have played on a 55 inch tv screen a couple of times. It's totally fine :pimp:

Aspect ratio is fixed in SCP (native widescreen support) and HUD is adjustable. All resolutions are also supported.

I can confirm it looks very good on a 60" TV (1920x1080), details are amazing  :v:  :yes:

Colonol Dekker:
I did it in 2006 using s-video to scart.   Probabubbly no longer relevant.

I play everything that way:

These TVs are the best gaming monitors now, especially for dark games like FS2. The 16:9 aspect ratio works fine with FSO.


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