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I downloaded JustinMind to open the music files and see if I could listen to them, namely the Freespace 1 victory theme, but JustinMind says the files will not open

The E:
Whatever this JustinMind thing is, it's not the correct tool for the job. You need one of the VP tools listed here in order to open them.

Assuming I have the right thing, JustinMind is ... a prototyping tool for websites that apparently uses .vp as the file extension for its own proprietary file format? Weird coincidence, that, but nothing more.

Google told me JustInMInd is the only thing that can open VP files, but through QuickVP, I gained access

The E:
Google is great, I use it all the time, but blindly trusting its search results is not recommended. When you google "how do I open .vp files" and the first result is for a web authoring tool, that should be a signal that the result may not be what you're actually looking for; changing the query to "how do I open freespace vp files" does lead you to the right address though.

Note for anyone reading this who's looking to open Freespace VP files, VPview32: and QuickVP: are both great tools for this.


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