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As I browsed through the Wiki, I noticed that the User-made campaigns section is... lacking. Not necessarily in the fact that it has plenty of campaigns listed, but that not many campaigns are detailed. I therefore propose a solution:

Would it be possible to ask the campaign designers that are still around to submit even a short article with campaign information and trivia?

Solution for the campaigns whose designers who gone AWOL or can't be contacted (i.e. Derelict, Boomerang): A member (presumably one who knows a good deal about campaigns and FRED) could write said description.

Any thoughts?

*begins work on an article for Rogue and GTI*

I'm starting to put stuff up about the projects I'm with. :D Is there any real format we should use? Right now I'm just taking TopAce's format and tweaking it a bit.

That's exactly what I'm doing. I'm putting some trivia, such as influences or little tidbits about the campaign, as well as a general description.

EDIT: GTI Rebellion and Rogue are up. I can see JAD and COS are up. Let's get to it, everyone! :D

I'm guessing that Blaise Russel would be the best one to ask about Derelict, considering he's the one who's upgrading it. :)


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