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Half the files in the 'tools and downloads' page are mine. Is there a point to keeping this section of HLP around? It would be great to have a central download listing for stuff like that (So I could find a working ModelView high-limits link). But right now almost noone on the forums seems to realize that it exists.

I have yet to try anything with the HLP3.0 interface since the fileplanet fiasco of HLP2.0.  I never could get it to work correctly.  That probably should have been populated with all the downloads from VolitionWatch and elsewhere long ago, as what's there now is just too limited to be of much use.  It's also hard to put things that are still WIPs (Styxx's Max plugin) in there as there isn't a convienent way to remove an entry if it becomes obsolete.  But I agree, it desperately needs more attention.

Vasudan Admiral:
Well, I submitted the modview high limits version, but now I see no way to actually download it from the resources>tools&downloads page.

Actually, only a couple of them look like you can actually download anything. :\ The latest three things seem to be descriptions only.


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