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After some recent Wiki browsing, I noticed that a lot of the history section seems to be rather bland. Don't get me wrong or think that I'm being ungrateful, and I understand the free time issue, but I really think we can fill this up a lot better.

How, you ask? Simply enough.

What happens is that two or three people volunteer. The volunteers then each pick a different section of the history to write/expand on. I don't mean that one person takes the entire Hades Rebellion or the entire Second Great War, but that they proceed something like this:

[*]Pick a particular 'stub' of the history (such as the Battle of Deneb, the NTC Trinity, or expanding on the destruction of the Lucifer).
[*]Research this particular event or section thoroughly. Look through the Tech Room History, ship/weapon descriptions, or other official sources for information about the event.
[*]Write an article on it. It doesn't have to be particularly lengthy, neither should it be a stub or only a few lines.[/list]

Repeat this several times, and eventually we will have the entire history of Freespace detailed.

Any opinions? If this is a go, I'll volunteer to write and research the early history of the GTVA's ops in the nebula (i.e. pre-Sathanas).

That seems like a lot of pointless work. If someone wants an event-by-event recap of a particular mission, there's always the Tech room.
Think about demand. Who would actually need this? Would it be worth the effort?

*waits for a certain n00b to say it's the greatest thing since sliced toasted mini wheats, with orange text*

I've never really liked mini-wheats myself. The fibers get caught in my teeth.

I can see it being an interesting read, but I dunno about the practical use of it.

Tons of stuff are useless on the FS Wiki.


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