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次元のエクリプス: Dimensional Eclipse Library


Released Campaigns

* 次元のエクリプス: Dimensional Eclipse (v1.1b)
* Dimensional Eclipse - The Singularity (v1.1b) Minicampaign
Assets Produced for Dimensional Eclipse

* Askaeldian Fleetpack
* Baikal-class Strike Destroyer and Volga-class Strike Carrier
* Northampton-class Stealth Frigate
* Impervious-class Frigate (Monitor)
* Tethys-class ships and derivatives
* Rhea-class Missile Frigate
* Misc. Kitbashes
* Phobos-class Battlecruiser
* Euryphaessa-class Battle-carrier
* Cyclone-class Light Fighter
* Persephone-class Transport and Oceanus-class Light Cruiser
External Modpacks used in Dimensional Eclipse

* Esarai's Fleetpack
* Andrew's Ship Factory of DOOOOOOOM
this is WiP but hopefully it's useful...


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