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I see one good looking, nasty and freaking big download. Let's give this a try :D.


I have only played a couple missions so far but I wanted to thank you for improving the first playable mission and making it less frustrating than in the original.

In the original:
-waves of three enemy fighters
-appear rapidly
-appear close to convoy

In the new version:
-only two enemy fighters at a time
-appear less frequently
-appear further from the convoy

I played something like 30 missions... It's not bad. Looks like archetypical "My first campaign!" thingy, but your project is longer and better playtested. I guess it's the longest campaign ever released in a single .fc2 file. Damn, dude! You beat Shadow Genesis in terms of mission count :P.

Many missions are very smiliar, and share the same problems such as dialogues during dogfights and stuff, and overall layouts. Jump in, blow everything to hell, warp out. So many big battles, and some too big... Typical problems of "My first campaign!". I really like guitar riffs that makes it more mercanery-feel, and overall sound vibe [except for Gladiator music. Gliadiator for BoE with shivanz?!]. Backgrounds are nice, effects are nice, textures are pretty good etc. No significant bugs. Only in mission with rescuing Denver freighter I was kinda confused when cutscene ended and my hud did not appear again. I considered it as really long
frame, but wait! I can move and shot! And some bombers are attacking my freighter!

I couldn't stop myself to smile at some missions, when I had six wings to destroy from the beginning, and directives "Destroy squadron [666]". I feel like "What kind of madness is that?! xD"

I need another long afternoon to finish it up, but so far I can call it solid, well tested, good looking but also quite boring, repetitive, and breaking some ultimate rules of making campaigns.
So I played better and worse ones. Keep freding!

Edit: And oh, wait! Did I mention that I love your textures of TEI fleet? I guess I did in other topic :D
Edit 2: And cool menu music ^^
Edit 3:Spoiler:Change skybox of Shiva planet. Just CHANGE IT! I see Sardinia down there :P

Oh my god... This seems exciting! Congratulations on the release  :pimp:


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