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By the way, what is "TTS?"

Trivial Psychic:
Text-To-Speech.  It's the auto-generated voice when no audio files for the messages or other texts are included.  You can select which types you want from the launcher:  Briefings, in-mission, and techroom.  There has also been multiplayer added since.

Yeah,... Sadly, I have to enable it. No voice acting. And I don't want blips.

Trivial Psychic:
Hey, don't down on it.  Voice acting a campaign isn't exactly quick or easy... just ask the BP team.  I actually prefer having TTS enabled, as it is a good proofreader.  I only wish you could play it directly from FRED and have a message timer feature to get event chaining delays more accurate.

In chain delays, I actually speak the dialogue line (complete with emotion :) ) then timed it using a stopwatch.

EDIT: I do have Voice Acting audio files for the first fifteen missions. Featuring only one actor: me  :lol: :lol: :lol:


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