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I keep reading people talking about the new control system, and wondering what they were talking about when I realized that I encountered a bug that disabled it for the entire campaign. So, I played everything with standard FS2 controls. It never crashed though.

I notice that no one mentioned recognizing that anime music, at least one track pulled from one of my favorites: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

Story presentation was pretty good for the most part, with a little heavy on the info dumps in one or two spots, but I didn't care too much. The character interactions were good enough to pull everything along. The one character intro that I thought was a little jarring was "suddenly ninja", but I shrugged it off as something it had to have to be more anime.
There were a few standout scenes, though. I thought the choke-to-death scene was very well done, as an example.

Very nice scripted missions. I liked flying around in the Mass Effect Citadel to bribe guards with stew.

Very fun new weapons, though a few standouts basically reduced others to never being used. (Type 74 and the shotgun weapons seem very powerful, in particular)

One of those mods that just begs for voice acting, though it would have to be done right, and possibly with the option to mute it. I could see this sort of project being the thing that waits to be done until the last episode releases, and it's time for a special edition, or something.

A couple of the later missions tended to wildly bounce back and forth between too easy and too hard. The strike mission against the bloodhounds, for instance, was very easy for a mission that far into the campaign.

I've been thinking of games that this reminds me of, and I came up with the answer. It feels kinda like Freespace 2 (gameplay) mixed with Sunrider (story/presentation).

Not gonna like, WOD put Horizon's OST on my radar in a big way. It was so well used.


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