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OK Gang,

I have the WCS from the 'original' and now virtually abandoned 'Saga' site;

At least 2 years or more ago, I downloaded 'Knossos' instead of the original FS 'Open' style and in the process downloaded most everything I thought would be an 'interesting playthru'. One of the games was a version of Saga, which I could never get to start. And of course, life interfered with my game playing time so it's been a long time since I fired up Knossos or any freespace mods. As a 'lark' I saw that WC=Saga had an 'update' available, so I downloaded the darned thing but it didn't seem to work. Is there anyway to 'delete' a mod from Knossos and maybe download it again? Who knows, maybe this update could add to my gameplaying enjoyment.


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