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Chapter 2 Voice Acting Auditions

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Okay, finally got a few moments to myself.  Hopefully these don't suck.  I can do better with context and I have a few other accents I can offer with decent reliability as long as they are American.  I am surrounded by rednecks and oil-field trash every day.  I don't normally talk like them, but I can well enough to blend in.

Past experience: I played the SOC pilot that consoled the player in mission #2 of the Battle of Neptune, and the crew chief what fixes your bird in mission #1.

Thanks for the audition submissions. Roles are being cast. If you haven't heard from me yet, you will soon.

For now the auditions are closed. We'll be back with more roles in the new year.

Colonol Dekker:
Ohhhhh exciting:D

I know there are several of you who auditioned who I haven't gotten back to yet. I will. I'm working with 20 VAs right now from non-HLP sources. I'll get back with you all once those are nearing completion just so I can keep my workload manageable. Yes... I'm kind of taking advantage of the fact that you frequent HLP and will be around when I'm ready.  :nervous:

Lol! It’s cool dude. We’re here when and if you need us. Least we can do for all the days of fun we’ve enjoyed from all your efforts!


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