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[WIP] High-poly GTC Hyperion


Modest upgrade of StratComm's Hyperion. Looking for feedback.

Trivial Psychic:
Nice!  I could see this making its way into SA.

Maybe some destructible armor subsystems for the main guns? Even if just a conforming layer. I get the aesthetics but Stratcomm's ships always felt like they have these glaring weakpoints.

I totally support the decision to boost this mesh, as the Hyperion definitely needed - and deserved - an upgrade. I'll second Nohiki's remark on destructible armor subsystems, though I'd honestly extend that to other parts of the hull (such as the lower "wings" in the front section).

Nice work on this one and love the classic skin! I have done an update myself, but it's just a 3D model right now. :)


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