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OK! Now that we're here, I just want to extend a welcome to all Star Wars fans. You may use this thread for discussion of the mods, missions and models we're doing, and use it for general Star Wars discussion.

I'm not going to restrict you to mod-only talk; progress may be slow at times but we can keep the discussions going. Talk about the technology, characters, prequels, Episode III, expanded universe, whatever! It's like a GenFS forum, except it's GenSW.

Have fun, and let the discussions begin!

Knight Templar:
*just notices kick ass new forum*

:D :yes: :D :yes: :D

*is jealous of Project and Staffers*

Question: Your tech Description has 2 missle banks on the Tie fighter, where'd you stick those?

Nother' Question: What's the hull strength (in relation to FS ships) of the tie fighters and general StarWars craft? They seem alot more fragile IMO.

Great forum, project looks good.

I don't know where you got the 2 missile banks info. The T/F in game will have no secondary banks. It will, however, in multiplayer. Same with the T/I.

Hull strength and weapons still need to be tweaked and balanced, but the TIEs won't be one-hit kills because we want you to be able to have a fighting chance when flying one. :)

actually tf has secondary banks, according to the games tiefighter and xwing versus tiefighter, if i remember well in "tiefighter" the tfs were specifically modified to carry  missles, btw the bank was very small, just 4 conc missles i think (but not sure)
and about the hull points, personally i thnik that we should try to report as much as possible the game feeling of the other swgames, so your poor tf;7  should die in from 2 to 4 laser hits (not linked),but of course it will be VERY hard to hit it.....i already tried some ships in game and i have to say that to have a clear hit on a tf (tf vs tf) is very difficult, more than in others sw games...the tie fighter expecially has a specific shape designed to reduce the frontal hittable space (but it is extremely vulnerable from the sides due to the big solar panels)..i think that in 1v1 an xwing will have a very very little edge against a tf, like in xwing v tiefighter's multiplayer

Star Dragon:
I think I finally got the bugs otta my system (for now) and have my tv in-out working again. I'm making a caputre video of FS1 (all cutscenes) and FS2 to promote the game to friends, internet connections, ect... I was wondering if you'd be upset if I included a short clip of your SD and X-wing in the Hoth mission of 2 Xwings escorting a transport (FS ship for now) to a jump point. I did some voice capture from the video tape of Princess Leia briefing the pilots...

Anonymous pilot - "2 fighters against a Star Destroyer?"

Leia - "The Ion Cannon will fire several shots clearing any ships in your flightpath..."

   In Robotech Mod I found a way to get the SDF-1 to fire (warp in no effect/just in range and placed over the earth in a spot where it blends in pretty well with the background and warps out/no effect just after it fires all the while not readable by sensors) I was thinking of using that idea for the "ion Cannon" shooting at teh Star Destroyer but no pulse weapon on a BIG SHIP duplicates the effect like in the movie...  Any ideas?



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