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your avatars don't look good in a forum where the background isn't black...  they look awesome in black-background forums, but wouldn't it be better to make them TRANSPARENT GIFs?  so that it will have the middle circle thing, and then the background is transparent?

how about this:  (same avatar... 0.12 of a KB bigger than the other, but transparent)

EDIT:  well, i edited it in Flash, and it was hard because it was all blurry... but whoever made it must have the original copy (bigger than 25x25) and if they edit it and make no background, then send me the file... i can save it to a transparent GIF (or they can)

it was just a recommendation :)

Black Wolf:
Well, uh, thanks for the initiative, but IMHO, it's kind of unnecessary. Our Avatars look fine as is, and changing them, while undoubtedly a quick one or two minute job, would be even more work for the admins, who did only just set us up. Let's at least wait a few days before we start pounding on them with requests.

This was before I knew how to make a transparent GIF, so sue me. I might change it but I think it's OK for now.

avatars still look good, i was just suggesting :)


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