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Black Wolf:


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Ok shall i start at it mean the seismick charges right?
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that was so cool...scared the crap out of me the first time...

From the novels, a turbolaser hit has enough power to vaporize a fighter in one hit. We never saw turbolasers blocked by lightsabers in the movies.

Turbolasers do have mass. If you watch the gun turrets in the original trilogy, you'll notice they recoil, the Millenium Falcon is bumped around by them, etc.

X-wings and TIEs use laser cannons, which don't have as much recoil and so probably have relatively little mass. Also, shielded fighters can take multiple hits from lasers before their shields collapse.

Han, the stormtroopers, and pretty much all the droids/troopers in the prequels use blasters. Their mass seems to be negligible, since Luke is able to deflect the bolts from a speeder bike with ease, though they do have some recoil. Blasters are ineffective against both shieled and unshielded fighters.

Still curious about the power of turbolasers? Info on a Star Destroyer's weaponry

Seismic - no "k". :)


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