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Official ship request,

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Colonol Dekker:
PLease PLEASE PLEASE  can you make the YT-2400 series AND  the Outrider itself.    

I LOVE  that ship and if i had to buy a SW ship to live in for the rest of my life, That would be the one (unless i could afford an SSD's crew salary of course)

Many thanks SWTC crew....

Black Wolf:
For Reference -

I like this ship too, but unfortunately, the SW universe is a massive one, and we only have two modellers and one texturer working for us ATM. Hence we're prioritizing canon ships from the original trilogy. However, chances are this mod'll be going on for a long time, so there's every possibility that it will gwt made - eventually.

Remember, we will accept mods from other people (providing they're of good quality) so if you can create one of these yourself, or find somebody else to create one for you, it will almost certainly be included in the mod (with due credit of course).

Colonol Dekker:
If you can tell me the dimensions you want it in game ill try and see what i can do........  ;7

Black Wolf:

--- Quote ---Originally posted by Colonol Dekker
If you can tell me the dimensions you want it in game ill try and see what i can do........  ;7
--- End quote ---

According to this site the YT-2400 is -

--- Quote ---
Damned Small for a Freighter!
Whilst the size of the Millennium Falcon remains in doubt, the Outrider's size is fairly well known.
West End Games gives a ship length of 21 metres.
The ILM design drawings give a *width* (including the 'outrigger') of 28.5 metres.
The saucer section has a diameter of just under 20m, and so, if you include the engine outlets, the WEG length of 21m is acceptable.

The main saucer hull is rather flat - unlike the gracefully curved main hull of the YT1300. The height of this flat disk is only about 2m (6'6''), which allowing for the thickness of the hull plating, leaves very little headroom. Fortunately, there are large central bulges top and bottom, around the gunwells. These allow greater headroom in the central parts of the vessel.

Because of the low sectional height of this ship, there is essentially NO room for mechanicals or storage beneath the floor or in the ceiling. Unlike the Millennium Falcon, the  Outrider has to fit everything in side-by-side.

This ship is rather small in internal capacity for a dedicated freighter.
--- End quote ---

but our Models are (currently) not entirely accurate Size wise. Our TIE Interceptor for example is 20 m long, whereas the official SW Databank tells us it's only supposed to be 9.6 m long ( ). So use the above stats for your proportions and scale it around later.

No! Forget the Outrider, but the YT-2000... now that is a ship.


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