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Do we have one of these babies in development yet?

And another thing: Are there going to be seperate models for the Impstar and the Impstar Deuce, or just two table entries using the same model? I can't remember if the Duece had more guns or not.....

Knight Templar:
i dunno bout the Impstar duece, but I think GE will just make it dark colored and have more weapons.

And yes, there are both VSD's in construction :D :nod:

There are? :nervous: I've been working on a VSD and taking some artistic liscense... maybe we can make that the VSD1 and one more similar to the ISD for the VSD2. In any case we'll probably want more variety in ships before we start doing ISD variants.

Knight Templar:
*nudge nudge*

Yes GE, there are. Look around in the OPFs.. there should be two for each, the II's are darker hulled IIRC. nothing else different though, other than stronger weapons. It should be easier than the rest of the ships to convert I'd think.

And don't change the VSD man!! It looks great as it is :D

GE, don't know if you remember this old post, but...,1612.0.html


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