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wanna help us??

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what we need:


we need FS2 expert modellers, with the ability of building complete highpoly models (lods, debris..) specifically designed for FSO, working perfectly, without useless details or polywastings.

we need good modellers, even if newbie to FS2 modding, we'll teach em what they need to know

we need modellers still learning to become good and skilled ones, but with good knowledge of what is needed to put a ship in game,they'll do the "dirty" job of making lods/debris/hierachy/turretts and all the minor editing to already done models, and as soon as they get more expert we'll give em to try to do more complex stuff


we need people able to convert ships from other sources, mainly xwa. We can teach em what they have to do, but some minimal knowledge of what is needed to put a model into FSO is needed.


If you want to share models with us, even if not built originally for FSO, you can: we just will have to check if they work fine in game or if they are at the minimum quality required.

Trianglecount of our ships may vary obviously from model to model, but in average we are looking for:
fighters of 1-3k triangles
small capships/transports of 2-4k triangles
medium capships of 3-8k triangles
big capships of 5-10k triangles

unwrappers and bakers

people able to use lithunwrap (or similar)

people able to bake textures

2d artists

we are always looking, as anybody else, for texturers, one of the most hard to find species in the modding ecosystem:)

People able of minor images editings may be useful too (building big maps out of small textures, and the like

we also are looking for people able to:
create debris textures
draw new game interfaces from a defined design
create animations
create planets/nebulas..
create backgrounds
create new effects

we also are looking for already done realistic looking
debris textures/glowmaps/animations


we need a webmaster, since hippo is having problems. There isn't much to do, but we need someone to do it

pof editors

we have some non-poedit models..


we need some fredders to create a minicamp melee based for a teaser that could be ready soon
we need some fredders to build some minicamps for a demo that shouldn't be that far
Knowledge of the recent sexps avaiable in fredopen, like those about persistent variables, is an important requirement

table editors

we need people to work on the game balance, trying to reproduce XVT game balance/stats into FSO.


we need people to test tables and missions as soon as they are ready and possibly to take screenshots of our artwork.

I've got a few ships made for homeworld I can pass on to you, couple of others which were joint efforts which I'll probably be able to as well. You'll have to wait until the mod they're for is released though, unless you have anything you can offer us.

mmm that's interesting. I suppose you are from SWNR, right?
Obviously we need to check those models, to see if they can be used w/o too work into FS.
Maybe if you can send me some models I can give em a look.
As for exchanging artwork, there aren't problems, I just don't know what you need and if we have it.

I'll help with testing,  seeing as that I have problems with poly wasting with my models atm :(


--- Quote ---Originally posted by akeizm
I'll help with testing,  seeing as that I have problems with poly wasting with my models atm :(
--- End quote ---

what are exactly your modelling skills?


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