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wanna help us??

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i say why not im still learnig and i want learn more.
I know enought to create any weapon i tables what i want.
Pof editor and models ( ive create 6 full models but ony 4 are work very well in game:D  ).

I have actually converted all of the XWA ships into 3DS models with the textures in 8bit BMP. If you want i can rar/zip them up and upload them for you.

I have also converted a few into POF models that work in game along with Rebel/Imperial Lasers, Ion Cannons, Concussion Missiles and Proton Torpedoes..

The Models lack LoD's and Debris mainly because this is for the Emperors Hammer and as a Beta release we are planning on just getting a working game out there.

Screenshots so Far -

Developer Log -

If you like, I can upload my first fs2 ship I made.  I just started making a texture for it when I got lazy (Cause there was no real point to me finishing it).

To be honost, I havn't got that much experience in modeling.  I havn't been doing it for long.  I'm currently studing a Bachlor of Applied Multimedia (About to start 2nd year).  I already have a Cert II in Multimedia.  Both of those courses have some 3dsmax work.

Karma, the only ships I can offer that are 100% my own work are the bulk cruiser and stormtrooper transport. There are others like the Assault frigate and Action VI transport which were joint efforts that I'd have to get other peoples permission first. I presume you've seen the ships in question.

I've sent you a pm concerning an exchange of models. As for the models themselves I think there might be a bit of work converting them, they have a lot of intersecting polys which I believe arent good for fs2 and all have 20-40 textures, 256*256 and smaller. I'm currently in the process of remodelling and retexturing ships for homeworld 2, these will probably be a bit more suitable texturewise for fs2, these I can make available to you as and when they're finished.

doh I replyed your p.m before seeing this post.
anyway, intersections are rendered in FSO much better than in homeworld, but may cause some flythrough.
We got models from xwaup perfectly working and others completely non-solid. We have to check ship by ship.
The texture thing isn't a big deal, we'll have just to bake the textures to create 1024x1024 maps (odyssey you there?;))
About your ships, I'm interest in almost all the ships you named:)


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