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Pilot Of The US:
Thanx for your help. Ive been able to put in the engine glow, but as you said about the thruster plumes i need to do that before conversion. Anyway since ive just about fixed everything on it to make it into a really good model, i was wondering how do i put this model up for download?

Id like someone to do some furthur testing, and perhaps move around the subsystems(?).

Im definitely interested in testing this. :nod:

Pilot Of The US:
@ Deepspace9er, do you mean you want to test the AWing that im (was) working on?

I'll post a link if you want, just ask!

If you do want a link:

Could you please check if the shields work on all sides ingame. (make a mission where you verse a sentry gun, rotate the camera/ship and see if the shield protects your ship properly when attacked).

Also check the if the docking paths work properly, (call in a support ship and see if it docks and rearms the AWing properly.


--- Quote ---Originally posted by DeepSpace9er
Im definitely interested in testing this. :nod:
--- End quote ---

if you want to be a tester you welcome.
just pick in mind that you will not test a complete product, being a tester doesn't mean to play above all others a campaign, it means instead to help modders developing their stuff testing what they do with FS_open

say the word, and he'll have an avatar...


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