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Pilot Of The US:
Well, ive been testing an A-Wing, which i think was made by KARMA. But im not sure. Anyway, i edited the pof, so that the model had Subsystems, Gun & Missile Firing points & shields (edited shield mesh as best i could, but it's still a tiny bit far from the hull, along the bottom, and it looks like it's too close to the hull at the back).

I couldnt get the thrusters, engine glow, and dock points working. How do you set this up??? (btw, i did all this in model view).

shields have to be done before conversion to pof, but can be imported from another model using pcs. The create and delete thruster buttons don't work in modelview. Dock points, paths and insignia have to be done in pcs or aurora.

Pilot Of The US:
Wow, that's a quick response!

@ Spicious, while you where replying, i was importing shield data and updating the model. It's an exellent model, btw. gotta love those textures.

I also need some help, when i try to start up Aurora, i get the following error- "DX initalisation failed", so i press ok, then another error pops up saying that old "this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down, if the problem persists, contact the program vendor". Does this happen because the program needs something i havent got?

What can i use to get the thruster/engine glows done? And are thrusters & engine glows the same thing? If not, what program will do both Thruster and engine glows?

Aurora is rather unstable currently, so it's probably best to use pcs. About that problem, try contacting bobboau.

On the thruster-engine thing, it depends what you're talking about. The glows, which are seen from behind (and from the side in recent-ish scp builds) and are used on all ships, can be done in pcs, just put in the coordinates, the normal and radius.

Thruster plumes, the engine things seen from the side and are only used on fighters and bombers have to be done before conversion to pof.

I suggest you have a look at Bobboau's pcs tutorial, it's quite helpful.


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