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Please post your favourite Star Wars sites.

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Black Pete:
If you guys havenĀ“t seen this, it should be of great use to you

Dont miss the link to imperial ships at the bottom...

Our recon team is stuck at HLP. Repairs are on the way and they are expected to be operational again tomorrow. After repairs have been made, we will send in a scout party to enfilade that website.

In a word: I will look into it today if some one does not smash me on the head so bad that I lose my memory.

No models or anything, but lotsa info and specs.

I don't know if this link is good or not, but SW Star ship are incredible.


Ships from EU and Classic Trilogy...
Many desriptions are based on "Essential guide to Vehicles and Vessels" by Bill Smith (1995), there are even some drawings from the book, as well as info about the ships first appearance...


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