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How's going the progress on this mod guys?!
Are you close to releasing something we might call a demo? :confused:
The number of ships you've currently done is sufficent for such a purpose... :nod:
At least to my mind;)

The problem is that most of our models are only half-ready. We can't truly work with ships without textures and any POF data.

If we don't get enough diligent modellers who are able to texture, we're doomed. And we lack community interest, at least from those who would be able to contribute.

We're dead if you ask me.

Which models are half-done?
And which are ready to be put ingame?
If you could ask me for starwars you don't need too much ships for the beginning... actually 7 types of fighters, 7-8 classes of ships, a shuttle and a space station...;)

This I cannot say for sure. We already have some models which are in theory working in-game flawlessly, but they still lack minor things all models should have (LODs, Debris).

Thats bad... I admid that I am not a Star Wars maniac (my first post here) . But I would still like to play around with them ships in FS engine...
Here's my advice. Make a demand in the general or modding boards. Dont go whining like "we are looking for modders..."
Go and say how things really are. "We need a willing modder now, or this conversion is buried!" There is reasonable chance that there is someone lurking in the boards who can mod but is not showing his face. Or it might smoke some new modder from under his rock...
I don't know... You won't either, if you don't try...

That's if you really are in such a bad trouble as you are implying...


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