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Fate of the Galaxy NewsGrid: June 08 Edition

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Fate of the Galaxy NewsGrid:
June 08 Edition

I. Monthly Newsletter
II. Model and Texture Update
III. Weapon Pack
IV. Testing and Tabling
V. Meet the Devs
VI. Positions Open
VII. Closing Remarks

I. Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of the Fate of the Galaxy monthly newsletter! What is this exactly?  Well, it's a way for us Devs to pass on to you our news updates and a bit about our progress on the mod.  It's meant for those both new to our project and those who have supported us since the beginning, so as editor, I would like to say thank you for your continuing support, and enjoy!


II. Model and Texture update

The last few months have shown both times of high activity for our art staff, and lulls.  Everyone has real life to consider of course.  This is merely a selection of some of the updates we've seen recently, and this list is by no means comprehensive of all the work accomplished thus far.

MC80 Liberty-type Star Cruiser  (Model completed by Snaga, Placeholder texture)

Imperator-class (Imperial-class) Star Destroyer (Model WIP by Brand-X, Placeholder Texture)

BTL Y-Wing (Model and Texture by Brand-X)

TIE/In Interceptor (Model and Texture by Brand-X)

III. Weapon Pack

As we all have seen from the highlights, Galactic Emperor has released a massive pack of secondary weapons from the Star Wars universe (Link), and we by all means plan to use them!  Everything from Proton Torpedoes to Concussion Missiles and even Buzz Droids!

MG7-A Proton Torpedo (Model and Texture by Galactic Emperor)

Pistoeka Sabotage Droid (Model and Texture by Galactic Emperor)

IV. Testing and Tabling

It's taken us a long time to get to this point, and I am proud to announce that Chief1983 has put together a standalone test build for us to begin our tabling, testing and FREDing with.  Only out for the last couple days, this has allowed us to really begin working on the game itself and I'm sure in the coming months we'll see far more in game shots and movies being released.  The team is very committed to making this mod feel like the player is right in the movies, and now with this step we can really begin work on the feel of the game, not just the look. 

Please note that this is open only to the devs at this moment, and we are not looking for Alpha or Beta testers, or Tablers at this time.

V. Meet the Devs

This is a section I hope to include every issue, or if not, at least every couple.  Many of you have talked to us on IRC or on the forum, but who are the people who put together this mod?  I think it is only fitting that I begin with myself.

Senior Modeler and Content Moderator

Brand-X, known to his real friends as Brann, Brand, or just Doom, has been an amateur 3D Modeler from a very young age. Taught first by his father, a Draftsman, Brand's first completed 3D model was Voltron, made on AutoCAD release 12 in 1992.  He is currently the Senior Modeler for Fate of the Galaxy, a position he earned by being the first one to show up.  In addition to his modeling duties, he is also a texturer and the project's content moderator, a position which requires him to inspect the works of other artists in order to ensure the quality of all assets going into the game.  He also is the writer and editor of the Fate of the Galaxy NewsGrid, the monthly newsletter in which this article is being published.

A Bartender, Hairstylist, Pilot, Actor, and Gymnastics coach in real life, Brand spends most of his time at one of his jobs, mostly as a bartender and staff developer at Milestones Restaurant in Richmond, BC.  In his spare time he enjoys reading, wine and is an avid DVD collector with a collection of over 200 (All of which he paid for.  He does not pirate movies.  Stop asking.)  He also likes to dress like James Bond.

Brand grew up in Canada and has entirely too much furnature for his apartment. 

He also enjoys writing articles about himself in the third person.

VI. Positions Open

Fate of the Galaxy is hiring!  The following positions need to be filled.  If you are interested in joining the team, please do not hesitate to contact either myself (Brandx0) or Chief1983 via personal message, or by a new topic on the forum.  We can also both be reached on IRC, at #scp-swc on EsperNet.  Previous experience and examples of completed work are an asset, but not a must.  Remember, the faster these positions are filled, the faster the mod will be released!

Effects Artist
Model Converter
Interface Artist
Music Composer
Sound Effects Artist

See the Forum Post for further details. 

Please also note that we are not currently accepting applications for the following:  FREDers, Modelers, or "Idea guys"
This may change in the future.

VII.  Closing Remarks

Well, this concludes the first issue of the Fate of the Galaxy NewsGrid.  If there are any sections you would like to see added in future publications, feel free to ask and I'll do everything I can to include them.  Thank you for taking the time to check us out, and we'll be back next month!  From all of us on the project, we bid you goodnight.

-The Fate of the Galaxy Devs

Cool newsletter!

Nicely done :)

Yay, more progress!


Nice. Seems that my dream of fighting SW fleets with a GTD Orion may become real.


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