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Fate of the Galaxy NewsGrid: August 08 Edition

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Axem's picture is my favorite.

hey, are you gong to do a september edition? just wondering, the other few have been out in the first couple of days of their months.

Yeah unfortunately I've been very busy with work lately, and simply haven't had the time.  I suspect there won't be a September edition, by the time I get it done it'll be too late heh.

I'll probably do a mini mid-month update though in the next week or two.

Sorry guys, Real LifeTM stepped in

Whoo! Thank God, Now I don't feel like I'm under any pressure to finish the GR-75 at least for another two to three weeks.....considering I hit a snag last Sunday and haven't done anything since.

Lol dude, I think your enthusiasm is great, but just don't burn yourself out on it here.  It's done when it's done.


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