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Fate of the Galaxy NewsGrid: 2008 Wrap Up

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Fate of the Galaxy NewsGrid:
2008 Wrap Up

I. 2008 In Review
II. What's In Store for 2009?
III. Positions Open
IV. Closing Remarks
V. Back Issues and Links

I. 2008 In Review
Well it's been one hell of a year, I think we can all agree on that.  We've seen many ups and some downs, but yet the team still perseveres on.  Our team has alternatively grown and shrank, but despite the changes in organization and membership, our commitment has not faltered.  

So what did 2008 bring?  Well, many things.  In some ways 2008 saw the true birth of this mod, the transition from an idea in our heads and a few models, and an actual proper project that we can all believe in.  We began the year on a high note, an interview with chief posted on XvT World, our first bit of outside recognition.  Along with this came our Moddb page, our wiki article, and later, this very newsletter series you're reading now.  Our recognition began slowly, but it has grown, as has our popularity (Just look at the number of viewers and posters in the forum!)

Art wise, we have gone through so many ups and downs that it's hard to keep track of.  One of the most exciting features that we were able to finally make use of was normal maps, thanks to the great guys working on the SCP engine.  With this tool our visual potential has increased tenfold, and we've planned to make full use of this great feature.  Several of our models and textures have been done and redone several times, simply because the team's skillset has grown so much over the year.  Looking back at some of our older WIP images, it's amazing the growth we've had as an art team in general.  Yes perhaps we could have worked on increasing the number of assets we have rather than focusing on their quality, but this team will accept nothing but the best, and I'm very proud of that.  

Look isn't everything, however.  The most important part of a game is how does it feel?  One of the greatest signs that this mod is progressing is the fact that we have a working alpha finally.  It's taken us a long time, and it mostly uses placeholders, but it's allowed us to really get into the nitty gritty of how will the game play, and we've been working hard to create a unique experience never before felt in a FreeSpace mod, or any Star Wars game before.  With this has come some new custom code features that will greatly enhance the playing experience, and we can't wait to release a beta version so all of you can finally jump in the cockpit of an X-Wing or TIE Fighter.

Not everything has been on the up and up however, we've definitely experienced our setbacks.  We've discovered that quite a few of our models created in the last year are either not up to our quality standards, or are just plain unusable.  We've also lost some team members, and my hard drive failure has set us back in the art department.  

The team, however, has most definitely committed to not let these setbacks draw us away from our final goal, the creation of the best Star Wars sim ever made.

-Brandon Drew (Brand-X)

II. What's in Store for 2009?

As always, our art department is working hard on getting some stunning quality visuals ready for our release.  We've seen a new Imperial Star Destroyer in the works, and a new X-Wing from me.  Also Turambar has been working hard on the new A-Wing model and texture, bobbtman is producing a fantastic Carrack-class Light Cruiser, and Axem is putting together a stunning Corellian Gunship.  By the end of the year we should see a fully functional shipset as laid out in our basic statement of what ships we'll see in game.

In addition, we've got some music in the works as well, with Swashmebuckle composing a complete original soundtrack for us to use.  Our testing and tweaking of tables and the engine continues, and all in all progress is continuing at a rapid pace.

So of course, the question on everyone's mind is as such:  Will we release in 2009?  Even I can't be certain, but barring any huge setbacks, I believe it's possible.  

III. Positions Open

Fate of the Galaxy is still hiring!  The following positions need to be filled.  If you are interested in joining the team, please do not hesitate to contact either myself (Brandx0) or chief1983 via personal message, or by a new topic on the forum.  We can also both be reached on IRC, at #scp-swc on EsperNet.  Previous experience and examples of completed work are an asset, but not a must.  Remember, the faster these positions are filled, the faster the mod will be released!

Effects Artist
Model Converter
Interface Artist
Sound Effects Artist

Please contact either myself or chief1983 to apply.
Please also note that we are not currently accepting applications for the following:  FREDers, Modelers, Texturers, or "Idea guys"

IV.  Closing Remarks

Finally, I wish to say a big thank you to the most important part of this mod:  You, the fans.  Without your continued support, there wouldn't be any point in us doing this, would there?  

-The Fate of the Galaxy Devs

V. Back Issues and Links

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