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Hey how's this forum doing? I am currently working on a model for the Death Star from Star Wars. Anyone working on a Star Wars mod for FS2 should contact me for it.:devilidea

I've got a mod of an X-wing that somebody else made. I'd have to look at who to be sure, but it's there.

XFA, note that the DS is hundreds of KM in diameter.  The largest object allowed in FS2 is (correct me if I'm wrong) around 50km.  Not to rain on your parade, and kudos if you succeed, but I think it's impossible.  Talk to the guys over at The Babylon Project.  They have some experience with extremely large objects(the Vorlon Planet-Killer) and the frustration on not being able to get the masterful model into FS2.  On the other hand you could create  50km square, detail the surface and let that be the DS, either way even modern systems would have difficulty pushing that many polys.

lods my friend, lods, many many lods.  The b5 station is 3000ish (or was it 4000) polys, they're using a buncha lods so that you dont get the full level of detail until you're right up next to it.

As for the size, well, there are some brave souls working on a new engine based off of fs2, they may hike that limit if you ask them nicely :D.

Currently, the model is nearly complete, without the trench's and with a big spear type thing coming out of the top, and without a texture. It works in FS2. It is a translucent white color and is 250000 km across. I had to change the Ulysses' speed to 950 m/s and it took me about 5 minutes to get to the center (I kept bumping into it) and the crazy terran command dude makes me jump out before i can get across it.

:doh: i forgot about lods. Going to take me alot longer now.


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