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BW: I beveled the text. :D

Have we decided which avatar we want? I like the last one, with the lighter red and blue.

I'll be churning out capship meshes galore, but I need someone to play with them in Truespace. Textures, turrets and whatnot. If we could hire someone else to help me with those Karma can concentrate on his fantabulous fighters.

Knight Templar:
Avatars, btw, do you want the One that i already have, of the Imperial and Rebel insignia together?

Black Wolf:
KARMA (Should we be capitalizing your name or what) still curious abot those Icons, and also, how many do we have on the staff? We'll need a full list when it comes time for avatar doleing out and Internal access giving.

AFAIK it's me, you, and him, BW.

okkey now we can start working seriously;7

i'll set up some posts for recruitment


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