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Fate of the Galaxy Newsgrid: March '13 Edition

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Incredible, just as I'm reading this the radio starts playing Star Wars theme music. I must say it added a whole new dimension to reading the Newsgrid :)

Glad to read that there's been good progress over the past years, keep it up guys!

Here's wondering why you're listed as "Windows game" on ModDB though, is there no cross-platform option on the site?

Not sure, might be from that recategorization they did recently switching from mod to game.  We'll be on all supported platforms though.

Hi guys!
Nice to see that u still workin on it :)

--- Quote ---Greyleader performed some sort of modeler ninja move on us by dropping a very nice Action VI transport into our pocket before disappearing along with all of his posts
--- End quote ---
Just a question: Greyleader is that about me?  :p

Hope to see release of this mod soon!  :D

Hey jacek! Greyleader was actually a different person who appeared quite briefly, made some interesting posts, and then deleted them and disappeared. Unfortunately, the one model he did deliver to us was an Action VI (he didn't know we already had one in progress and only posted about it when it was already done IIRC).

His version has a full set of textures so we'll probably end up using it, but you are of course still on the team and in the credits, and we would definitely still appreciate your help! If you feel like lending a hand but don't have any new ships of your own, we have a number of models awaiting conversion (zookeeper has been concentrating on coding lately). Anyway, glad to see you're still around!


--- Quote ---before disappearing along with all of his posts
--- End quote ---
Wow! He must be purty quick cause i havent see him here...

If u have any fighters(or any other ships without turrets) which need conversion i could take a look :)


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