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Alpha-class XG-1 Star Wing

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Oh yeah, I get what you mean with the leading point on the top. Definitely will include that. With the torpedo racks, I'm honestly a bit confused on them since they seem to be located in front of the engine pods, which to me seems like they're reloaded from the side or something, or from the front. I've definitely taken a look at FractalSponge's version and I'll be using that for some inspiration as well, especially for the back half of the main fuselage where it can take some hints from the Lambda a bit.

I see what you mean, but there seems to be two schools of thought on that rear-end design of this ship, even both portrayed on its Wookiee page (see below).

Personally, I favor the pods simply being torpedo pods and not dual purpose.  I think it makes more sense, especially given the same design for the Lambda shuttle.  Two things I just noticed on StarSlayer's drawing are that he seems to have placed some small 'intakes' on the sides of the main hull, and also, his cockpit area is partially detached from the rest of the hull, similar to the Lambda, but unlike most other XG-1 interpretations. 

We actually already have an almost complete Starwing/Assault Gunboat.  It still needs some texture work, so if you're willing to lend a hand, I'd rather not recreate the wheel and start from scratch, but try to finish this one instead.
Final-StarWing(View in 3D)

Ah okay, yeah I can help out on the texturing for that. I've been looking into how to texture ships in particular for a while now, but never really gotten around to it.


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