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See this thread:

Specifically, this line in the log:
Code: [Select]
WARNING: "Ship class PVC Aten has only 2 points on dock path "$Path01".  Recommended minimum number of points is 4.  Docking along that path will look strange.  You may wish to edit the model." at aicode.cpp:11416
I'm pretty sure the paths are ok on the retail fsport model, so it should be possible to copy them over.


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Yeah the paths are also correct on the main MVP version - it's just the one in the port media VPs that is for some reason using path 01 instead of path 15 as its supposed to.

Can we stick the port media VP contents up with the FSU SVN yet? That would help in fixing stuff! :p
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As soon as I get the high-poly PVSC Imhotep finished--which should be in a week or two--I'll post the contents and the FSU team can go over it with a fine-toothed comb.
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