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Do you like red the same as you like blue?

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I actually prefer the red one since the ships seem more impressive somehow.  I actually expected to like the blue one better, fickle aren't I?

"All empires Fall. You just have to know where to push."

--- Quote ---Originally posted by Thunder:
I prefer the blue one (personal taste again) but they both rock! nice job dude!

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Cool minty blue and hot peppery red.

I dunno, the lighting seems weird in this icture, making it look flat. I had to look at it for a while begore I could figure out what was going on and what was what.

red is definently better, I think that because red is my favorite color.


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Jabu:
Very nice.
These monotone images look pretty good.
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Wait till you see the HOL fleet.   Can you guess what colour that's going to be?  


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