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We have a lot of art.

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It's all pretty amazing.  My pictures folder is expanding continuously and my background is changed often  

BTW, how about a section for fiction at HLP?

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Dark Knight:
You seem to have mist out one of mine for the second time. I uploaded on just before the forums went online but it was never put up so I uploaded it agian on saturday I think. may have been sunday and then you update the art section but leve it out. I'm not angry or anthing I'm just wondering why?

It's of a Perseus chasing a Asteroth across the hull of a sathanas with a really nice lense fliare.

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Hmm - I dont know where that files got to- you can try sending it to my email if you like, it'll definitely get put up then...

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Ah, my bad. Just got it now, updating. Sorry about that  

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Midnight Mercenary:
I seriously like all the pictures everyone makes, but since I have no talent, on paper or computer, i have nothing to compare your art to. I have to say that everybody's art is excellent and wish I had the talent and skills that allow you to make such wonderful creations.


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