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A Freespace based Browsergame (ingame Language is german)

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Hello people!  :D

In order to make it easier for English or non-German speaking players to participate in Drifting Souls 2, we have started an English wiki, which is still under development. Nevertheless, it already has a good base of articles.

I would like to point out once again that Drifting Souls 2 is a browser game. Although it is not originally available in English, many browsers (e.g. Google Chrome) offer built-in translation software or allow translation add-ons (e.g. Mozilla).

With these it is relatively easy to participate in the game even without knowledge of German. In addition, our community is available for help and advice.

The English Drifting Souls Wiki can be found at this link:
A short tutorial for translating the game can be found there:

And finally a few screenshots:

The landing page:

The account overview:

The asteroid menu:

The ship menu:

A sequence of the ingame writing roleplay game:

A ship data sheet:

The trading menu:

Link of the game:


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