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Sooo, act 4 for war in heaven is still being worked on?

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--- Quote from: taoofcrime on August 17, 2020, 02:07:12 am ---A new Baru Cormorant book just came out (buy it) which means Battuta isn't on deadline right now, so there's some hope

--- End quote ---

Ahhhh!!!! How did I miss that?!

*finds his local bookstore and purchases immediately*

-Sara- made a number of fanart things like 10 years back, these are probably the only ones that survived to this day. Non of them was BP canon though, that's why they weren't included.

I always figured she was white with dark hair, but I guess not.

Etymologically, Laporte, and Laporte's family, are from ethnic groups based in modern-day Zambia or modern-day Democratic Republic of Congo, with some Occidental French mixed in. Manuel is likely French from the limited information that can be parsed, here, whilst Martin is probably African. They're not from the same sides of Laporte's family tree.

Laporte is likely mixed race and brown skinned from a postcolonial nation. Laporte grew up in a household with Zambian cuisine.  Another indicator is the bloodshot eye hallucinogenic bitmap in BP Complete. The image shows one of Laporte's eyes. Whilst you don't see the entire face, the reference image for Laporte shows a coffee brown woman with prominent, plausibly mixed race cheekbones.

Chiwetel Steele has a middle-English and West African name. You can assume he's a person of colour, as well, or he grew up in an environment with a high level of cultural interplay.

However, that is a blinkin' good head avi that deserves to be in -something- BP-esque. I'm going to  liberate it.

The crawl this mod has taken on it's way to completion...though I could never get much beyond TBL modding...I can sympathize & understand FIRST HAND what it's like to try and complete something that started with a kind of love.

I have a fan-fic that I started on 20 years ago that can never see the light of day. Based on a loop-hole in the STARFIRE universe by David Weber & Steve White. At least the 1st of the 2 can't but even the latter which takes place MUCH later can't really. The latest installment has been in the works (3 parts) since 2003. Pt 1 went through numerous re-writes. Pt 2 went by fairly quick as I began to "write as I see it happening". Pt 3 has been ongoing for about 10 years with the last major "spurt" happening sometime in early 2012. I've crawled tooth & nail from chapter to chapter as I near the end which is only a few chapters away. Currently trying to complete the last BIG chapter after I introduced an original enemy of my own creation. The problem is figuring out how to tie things up. This project has enough OEM content to serve as an internal resource for some back stories to be retold later.

Furthermore the current project had a wrench threw into it when the main nemesis in the later STARFIRE returned in latest 2 installments that Steve White & a couple different go-authors released. Using the same opening I used 15 years before they did. But I can't start the new project until the CURRENT project is complete despite the monkey wrench. Tried starting the future one while working on this (years ago)...but succeeded in only grinding both to a halt.

All I can say is it takes time. Just hopefully we ALL can see the end before the end...


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