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The future of lighting flags in FSO

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As a little history, I dabbled in FSO a little around 3.6.12, and only came back to it and got really invested late in 3.8's lifetime. The modern HDR+PBR setup is what I know, so I'm not too well equipped to recapture old magic I don't know.

BUT, the features added for 22.0 in may help you achieve what you want. I think a lot of people's dissatisfaction with the HDR comes not from HDR intrinsically, but some of the choices made in implementing it. A few of the most important of those those choices are now configurable, and you can play with them in the lab accessible by pressing F3 from a mainhall. I still need to finish the illustrated guide to them, but the lab is really the better way probably.

--- Quote from: Iain Baker on May 10, 2022, 11:17:47 am ----ambient_factor 70 -spec_point 0.4 -spec_static 2 -spec_tube 0.8 -spec_exp 0.8 -bloom_intensity 15 -no_emissive_light -shadow_quality 1 

--- End quote ---
FYI, unless the wiki is lying to me spec_exp and no_emissive_light do nothing currently. Emissive light is off by default.

Admiral Nelson:
I certainly applaud this effort.  I must say I've always found the current set of lighting flags and such about as comprehensible as Linear A. It would be very useful to have something as critical to the gameplay experience configurable in a straightforward manner, hopefully with some suggest quality "defaults".

This isn't just a "sounds good" but a resounding "PLEASE, IMPLEMENT IT!" from me. Would solve a lot of concerns I have as a developer.

Time to show off what the new flags look like. There may be a few tweaks yet, but this should be fairly indicative of how things can will work

-light sets a mutliplier, defaulting to 1, for all lighting.
-ambient sets a similar multiplier that applies to only ambient light.
-emissive sets a minimum level of brightness for lighting no matter the conditions or what other settings are set to. the old -emissive_light flag remains, now setting this value to something approximating the look with the emissive flag on.

The first three sliders in the lab replicate the effect of adjusting these.

Using both a modern pbr ship and the decidedly non-PBR Erebus. If you compare to my original screenshot set, you can see it gives you a lot more power in both cases.

This is without qaz's new shaders, which are still in development but are very promising. It's possible my changes will be in 22.2 and his in 22.4, but it's also possible both will be in 22.4. We're coming down to the wire a bit on that deadline.

A final note: These controls along with many others are also going in the lighting profiles table. Currently in review is the ability to set modifiers for each type of light or each type of weapon, affecting both size and brightness of the lights, covering all the bases of the old flags and more. These settings are set up to stack with the command line flags; if a user plays with -light 2.0 they'll see every mod as twice as bright as originally designed, and so forth.

Dilmah G:
Love everything about this. Damn, the Erebus looks hilarious with high emissive settings though!


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