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The future of lighting flags in FSO

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Just as an update, we didn't get everything needed together for 22.2 so your -spec_... and -ambient_factor will still work in the upcoming verrsion. However, a lot of the mod-side replacements for the flags did make it in, and can be found in Lighting_Profiles.tbl. These already affect the whole light rather than the specular, and if you're updating a mod for 22.2 which uses default command line lighting settings I would recommend at least looking into changing over from them to this.

Another heads up! these features have started getting merged into development builds. Tonight's nightly should contain the command line flag changes and associated lighting profiles values. Qaz and I have a lot of graphics code working through review right now. If you're playing nightlies you may see things change a bit as each goes in, but the final stages once merged should bring the typical freespace lighting and ship pretty close to how they look now, but better in some key subtle ways.

Dilmah G:

Well that happened quicker than I expected! All of our lighting and shader changes are in as of the current build. Enjoy the shiny things, let us know if anything breaks, and probably stop using invisible suns to fake planet-shine

Trivial Psychic:
Soooo, how does the new lighting system work?  I've been using command-line flags all of this time.  I can compensate by changing things in the lab, but as soon as I quit the game, any of those changes are lost.


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