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The future of lighting flags in FSO

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Asteroth: has a full description. By making such a table and putting it in your root data/tables directory it will overwrite/modify any downstream mod.

There are still command line options for lighting. It's mainly the specular lighting command line flags that have been depreciated. There are also several new command line flags. I believe the idea is for mod creators to lean toward using the tables, though any one can as Asteroth points out.

Trivial Psychic:
I've been testing out the Command Line flags (thanks for that Dragon, BTW), though I'm still having difficulty getting things to match up with how I had it before.  It'll take more trial end error to get it how I want it.

Can you post a screenshot or old flags? I'd not mind trying to help, and if there's a gap I'll see if I can help fill it.

Trivial Psychic:
This is what I used:

-ambient_factor 75 -spec_point 1.5 -spec_static 2.0 -spec_tube 2.0 -shadow_quality 3

I'm currently using this:

-ambient 0.1 -light 0.1 -emissive 0.15 -shadow_quality 3

The lighting in the cockpit (flying TBP you get cockpit view by default on most fighters) is different.  There are a hell of a lot more shadows and shifting light sources.  I also get some ripply rainbow pattern on some of the cockpit as well.


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