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[WIP] More Radar Icons

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I've been making radar icons to replace the sparse ones in the optional MVPs package. I've done 40 retail ships so far, including every warship (but no strikecraft!) and most of the setpieces like toe Boadicea and Knossos. I'll probably finish the retail FS2 ships tomorrow, then move to popular mods.

I'd appreciate feedback on the icons I've made so far. I've attached them [edit edit: attached updated icons to this post] in a .zip with a radar-shp.tbm that can be extracted directly into any MVPs mod folder with the radar icons package installed. Note that ships I haven't gotten to yet will use the default dot, even with the MVPs icons installed.

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I have finished icons for almost everything in the MediaVPS. Exceptions are jumpnodes, most fighters (I arbitrarily chose one fighter and bomber from each species; I plan on making the rest), and some of the more common fanon. Every ship in the FS2 campaign should have an icon rn.

It's still WIP, since:
- I'm having a bit of trouble getting any orthographic screenies of the Ganymede.
- Icons are out of scale in game; it'll take a bit of time fiddling with the radar shp.tbm to get it right.
- I'll probably go back and thicken the outlines on many of the icons I've made.

But it's basically a complete set at this point. I've attached a link if one wants to try it; same deal as before, extract directly into the MediaVPs mod folder with the optional Radar Icons package installed.

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Great work! I do wonder if you're available to create radar icons for fan-made ships, once you're done with canon FS1-2 ships, of course. :)

I plan on covering Blue Planet, Inferno, and Solaris at the minimum. I might also branch out into briefing icons if Mjn's .ani maker works out for my laptop.

Every ship has an icon, except a few things I don't expect will be missed (mostly cargo variants and sentry guns. Probably will make more sentry guns anyway). All that's left is tuning the icons scaling them in game for visibility.

I'm adding the icon .zip to the first post like a good noodle.

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