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I recall Tachyon had gorgeous, gorgeous warship designs.

But they were paperweights.

Are they gonna get some teeth?


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Personally we'll be aiming for something more along the lines of what the BtRL videos showed.

Tach weapons were pretty pathetic since tach's code could not account for lateral thrust.
Thus the base weapons, cap weapons, and AI couldn't even track you.

Caps did have anti-cap beams, where were 1 hit kills on fighters, but we think they could stand to be
improved as well.

Funny thing with tach is the fan made map editor was never finished, so if you added a ship with yaw, pitch,
or roll, the cap would spin like it was being tossed in a clothes dryer while shooting. It actually did improve
the amount of fire coming off the ships, though it was incredibly silly looking.

We have the rebuilt Star Patrol capship in game, without subsystems and turrets.
However we're focused more on getting fighters finished out currently.
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