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I've definitely considered getting the soundtrack professionally mastered. It's really just a matter of money (which for the amount of music we'll have at release would be a lot). That won't happen until we're very close to release though, as I might end up writing more depending on our needs.

Frekkert, what kind of mastering experience and equipment do you have?

i can fredding create mission for fotg
if you need it

New staff position posted.

I actually use a software called "Space Engine" Which allows you to explore the universe and find procedural planets, stars and galaxies of various kinds. It can also be modded to create your own content. If you want I could use it to create planet backgrounds or even whole sky boxes.

Here's an example:

Hey there. I'm willing to join. Talked to zookeeper yesterday and a day before and i'm already doing falcon 1st person interior as we speak.
Willing to 'officially' join. :)

I'm an architect.

I can Model/Unwrap/Make Textures/Suggest and or influence style/Draw sketches concepts.

Here's my model and textures sample:


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