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Fate of the Galaxy Carrack Scuffle

This video showcases quite a few enhancements made since the last vid I uploaded.  It's also available in 1080p HD.  Note the new sound and weapon effects, the new backdrop, and the selectable primary firepoint grouping.  Also the sweet warpout effect we're working on.  Enjoy!

Oh boy!

Nice hyper jumps.

Why the retail shockwaves?  :nervous:

Because those haven't been replaced yet.  Neither have the explosions.  But we're getting to those soon.  Possibly MediaVP effects for now, and something closer to the original movie effects as an end goal.  They may look cheesy, but they'll definitely feel like SW if we pull that off properly.

That's looking very, very good.  :yes:

My only complaint is that I kept waiting for a missile to get launched to show what they look/sound like, and none ever did. :p


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